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Apr 25, 2013 10:00pm PDT
be used for more educational or conferences, etc. and there is flexible spaces. the upstairs is a very different and likely be priced differently than the downstairs area. i can see lots of different types of events. there could be concerts if allowable. and outside and indoor space for celebratory events. >> yeah, i would like to see it some time soon. >> who does submit their bid, they will be managing the events. we will not be doing that directly. it's part of the proposal of who is selected as terminal operator. it will be important for us to understand what they partner and in-house capabilities to manage the events in addition to being a terminal operator. i guess i wanted to mention. i think it's great that we looked at the low side and the high side. just personally and elaine knows this. i think it's important for us to aim for the fact that we want to have the ability to create a break-even or better. in fact we need the surplus. there will be ongoing maintenance and capital maintenance just for this facility. as well as the fact that the port needs the bottom line to suppor
Apr 29, 2013 4:00pm PDT
: comedian actor etc., etc. how are you. >> dave, the legendary host. and he has the expertise of being gay. dave we'll start with you in a second, but i want to bring chris moody in. appreciate it. now dave, let me start with you. so,-- >> why are you starting with him? >> it's not a big deal. >> i get the gay card so rarely. >> cenk: right. we'll get to you in a second. so dave, how big of a deal is this? >> this is absolutely huge. fabulous to coin a gay phrase. this is huge. this is what everybody has been waiting for. everybody has been saying when is a the athlete coming? when is it happening? it happened. the whole nba has backed him. the whole sports world has backed him. the one guy who is it against him is espn chris brussard. it will trickle over in the next few months and then everyone forget which is what gay people want. >> cenk: equality, stand up for it. i want to go to chris brusard. he is an espn analyst: let's watch that. >> what about gay guys. many approach you. >> i don't do the gay guys. >> many on the 49ers. >> cenk: artie lange who also didn't like gay people. >> i
Apr 29, 2013 12:00am EDT
of money in their office and there was limited investigators, limited ability to call experts, etc., she really was like i need more time. the judge threatened to will krin content of court and ultimately she was given a few more weeks to prepare for the trial which turned out to be a good thing because when she discovered when she hired the experts was that the elderly man who had been hospitalized had been operated on for a hernia which was a pre-existing condition, and his own doctor had known about it for a long time and had declined to operate because his health was fragile and he was afraid he would get an infection and die and in fact that is what happened. so ultimately, he was found innocent very quickly by the jury but two years of his life were spent really just -- he was, you know, in hell with the fear he was going to go to jail and he was this skinny little kid trying to lift weights and, you know, beat himself up and try to prepare for the rough prison life and even now he can't have a driver's license and it's been many years down the road. it's had a huge impact on his l
Apr 25, 2013 4:00pm PDT
, etc. is this a function hey, it's a mom. she has to sleep at night or is it a function of the rest of the world belief believes in a giant number of conspiracies. to them, especially everything that the american government has done is a total conspiracy is that part of the of this. >> yes, you have a woman who is under shock. the conspiracy defense is always a good one because we know there are a lot of unanswered questions. that's not a bad defense you need into this furtive. if you're chechnyaen from russia and. >> there are plenty of government conspiracies. they cover things up. michael breaks those stories half the time. they try to cover it up, etc. but in iran they fixed the elections. that's a huge conspiracy. people reasonably think that the government does conspiracies all the time. why wouldn't you government do it and if it's your kid, of course it's a conspiracy. i want to bring one last thing into this. misha is a guy who came over and radicalized them, a concert to islam. the mom said he was a really good person. i'm not sure about that. the uncle doesn't believe it.
Apr 9, 2013 10:30am PDT
with taxis etc.. we are trying to do active street light stones and how do we enliven the streets and better to be around? >> and also better transition and service changes this is what is important to the folks in the neighborhoods how do we get the buses running quicker or more aoe efficiently and how do i get home at time. >> additionally they need up grades and doing landscaping and street trees and four of the vehicle lanes and do increased lighting up grades and intersection and traffic signal improvements. first option, we are calling the market street shared lane, it is similar to the configuration that exists on market street today. however we will be improving the conditions, the intersections, the paintings, the stripings, the lighting, everything would be better and more modern, more improved. as if, you know, obviously some pros and cons to all of these, one of the cons is that it does not provide a separate bicycle facility, however it does provide a lot of space for the street lights zones and one of the things that we really need to keep in mind is how do we make market stre
Apr 19, 2013 12:00am PDT
of character that so often people of color don't get a chance to highlight, be they black, muslim, etc.. hollywood can do better. what is unique 42," is thatilm, " there is a black love story. tavis: which never happened. >> that is pretty extraordinary. is an importantory jackie robi. in you don't see that much films, whether they are made by black filmmakers or white film makers. tavis: when i first saw the screenplay before i saw the film, i was concerned whether or rachel andry of jackie might slow down the story or in some way get in the way of the larger story about what he was up against, the politics, the era, etc. i went to see the movie and a few hours later i was processing what i had seen. and had to solely -- teles let myself and just recant and back up. what made it work is that i had seen something on the screen which was the love story, which was such a part of how he overcame to respect the jackie robinson story is a much broader story than is contained in the limits of the period of time "42"focuses on. he was an extraordinary athlete. he was a very successful studen
Apr 21, 2013 11:30pm EDT
is an issue of 185 million people about the idea of the attack in the talk of violating national orders, etc., it is the damage that has educated people. >> these are the reports that are published. it certainly seems he would handle it slightly differently but the abuse has gone up exponentially in fact and the impact on those societies i'm covering in this book has been devastating. so, some way we need to connect the dots and say people who are pressing the button in the midwest or the far west and the united states and across the road entire families and communities and women and children, people going to a funeral and a wedding party have been blown up and then here we see collateral damage there are no civilians being killed. we need to collect these different worlds and see ultimately is this what we the united states of america stand for, is this what we are exporting to the world? >> how do we connect the dots? >> test began and it has to be multi dimensional. it has to be more than just about security and the legality. it's the crucial element in any society but the united states a
Apr 28, 2013 8:00am PDT
hear developments like this when they are doing water olympic, people with particular swimsuit, etc. >> yes. so, which fish are the fastest that you are featuring? >> we are featuring not only fish. we are featuring a very fast marine whale, a giant squid, a giant whale and the mako shark, due in a and -- tuna and others. >> when we walk in we will not see fish swimming. is it just picturess, bone, skeletons and what? >> for the orca exhibit there is a real skeleton or the orca whale that got stranded and died. there is an assembling of the skeleton and everyday you go to the academy it will be in a different stage of protesting of assembly, so you can watch that. and we will have a mako shark. and we will have a little screen showing migration patterns. a lot of them are marked so we with look at the movement to see where they are going and how fast they are moving and how long their migrations are. >> where did you get the fish for this? were they from local waters in general or all over the world? >> all over the world. >> really. what was it like to get the artifacts here,
Apr 14, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, ayuda a los trabajador de agrÍcolas, crea un sistema para las personas en las ciencias etc y reforma al sistema legal de una manera eficaz >>> segundo se enfoca en la seguridad del paÍs obviamente reforzar la frontera con mÉxico que sigue siendo problemÁtico, crea un sistema de verificaciÓn para los trabajadores americanos, incluso quienes van a ser legalizados se van a proteger en contra de personas que estÁn aca ly ilegalmente y tercero crea una verificaciÓn de visas de visitantes que vienen y se quedan mÁs tiempo de lo que deben estar y obviamente el 40% de nuestra inmigraciÓn ilegal es a raÍz de eso, y tercero crea un proceso para poder pro cesarse aplicar a un sistema de temporal de poder trabajar, viajar no van a poder recibir beneficios del gobierno no tiene ningÚn delito en su pasado, van a tener que ma pagar una multa, una aplicaciÓn y estar legalmente en el paÍs. y van a tener que permanecer en este estatus por mÁs de 10 aÑos y hasta que se cumple ten estas medidas de seguridad y entonces aplicar no se les regala y aplicar para recibir su residencia y obviamente
Apr 16, 2013 5:19pm PDT
with it, etc., is completely different. i'm talking about what we all conceptualize as a manufacturer. when you ask the question what will happen in the future? it is harnessing this technology to really deliver a service economy, and the companies that do this, the guys that figure this out are going to be big winners, and they are going to change the way we think of them, the way we relate to them, the way we buy from them, all of that. that is what the future holds. i see the floor. >> thank you. i think the best questions are yet to come, and we are going to turn it over to the audience. >> we would like to remind our listening and viewing audience that this is a program with the commonwealth club of california on the future of cloud computing. our thanks to our distinguished panel for their comments here today. now, we open the floor for a q&a session. we will be passing around a microphone, so if you have questions, please raise your hand and speak into the microphone. >> i have a key question about the backup plan. you mentioned the super bowl earlier. what is the backup plan i
Apr 18, 2013 4:00pm PDT
actor. he did not coordinate with any other country, etc. i was at a right right-wing seminar that had a louie go merit, etc. they had all these videos, nadel hue san, part of an islamic plot. we have to get them before they get us. >> that's not entirely true. hue san had coordinated with all-awlaki. we node that is true. he was radicalized. >> cenk: that's fair to say there was correspondence beforehand. but the fbi looked into that correspondence and so did the army and conclude it was not ordered by al-awalaki. that he acted on his own and he was mentally embalanced. there was no coordination in that sense. it was not from muslim to muslim. >> he was radicalized by an ideology and his mental imbalanced allowed him to buy in that ideology. and there are people in their 20s who are open to being radicalized. i'm not sure what ideology that is but they're susceptible to radicalization of ideology. >> cenk: noah brings up an interesting point. if it turns out that they're militant right wingers then do we need to look into the right wing ideology and see what's wrong with it? should we
Apr 22, 2013 1:30pm PDT
everyday etc. so we allow our appeals window to begin with the exemption determination to thirty days after after the final approval. while this is long-range we wanted we predict this will not cause delays. the last piece is we don't in must way edit 31.16 which is largely a part of the eir process that our community supports currently. this is how we appeal our largerer. after talking to a lot of groups our neighborhood associations there's widespread agreement we want to leave this intact. this is a way for the community to dpaej in big development. i will just is at this point, i want to thank chair wiener to make this an informational item so our legislation will be going to planning this thursday to be scheduled on may 13th. >> thank you, mr. chair and members of the committee for letting me sit in here today and all the members of the public on this important piece of legislation. as you note mr. chair there's been an effort to amend sequa and i think the reason those have not succeeded in the past their complicated. i think what happens when you're trying to all the time or change
Apr 14, 2013 6:00pm EDT
, etc., different social groups, but there was one high school, four junior high schools. and the streets were full of people from all sorts of places. in the world. i never lived on any street that was all of anything. um, so i came to university here in washington when i graduated deliberately to be among black intellectuals. so i say that because i looked at this business a little bit differently back in the '50s. what i thought was there should be enormous fight and struggle for resources, money to go into those schools that were weak in supplies, in support, and so on, and in tax money. i thought that no child should have to walk or drive 10 miles away to go to a black school when they lived, when one was closer. but i didn't think of it as either/or. i thought of it as both. you should have both things. i knew that black schools, undergraduate schools, graduate schools had been splendid. i had attended one that in those days was as good a school as you could have found anywhere. and the people who were handling the cases for integration had all gone to those scales.
Mar 31, 2013 7:00pm PDT
the school district and enforcement etc., and they sort of maintain that database and they needing feed us a list of the projects that get funded and it's a separate funding source. i think we could work with that group to come back with a more robust presentation on that piece of that. but the schools that get funded most of the matches of those grants come through this track currently and each of those applications comes through - through the san francisco county transportation board so it comes through their advisory programs and to the full board as well. so that's how the schools go through their motions in terms of full funding. i did want to clarify the reason why we can or can't lower the speeds near schools we have to do it on roads that have a certain amount of lanes and we have to do an analysis. and we put signs up and, of course, they're just signs so another little piece of >> if i could just speak to that. i understand what the limitations are. but my request in the hearing specifically stated we can't implement the 15 speed limit mile-per-hour. where most of the students t
Apr 1, 2013 3:00pm PDT
problematic on many areas including my kidneys etc. i realize with my loss of balance and my not been able to control myself i can't stay-at-home. my partner would have to leave work and take care of me day and night or i would wind up at a general hospital or be fortunate enough to know two words in the last few years. their words and my tree. i've been at my tree for the last two years and anyone who was the fortunate to go to my tree will have a full, full exciting life ahead of them. >> thank you very much. next speaker >> god bless my tree. hi i'm eddy. i'm the physician i direct the woman's program. i'm here to express one reason for the board of supervisors and for the mayor to back hill cuts for aids services in the city. restoring those cuts is a very smart financial reason. 2 hundred and 13 thousands of ryan white money funds a lot of people at the client. this is a gateway to all kinds of serves. most of those are african-american and latino. because of this gateway these people can see the best physicians and if they get real sick i can put them into the clinics and this clie
Apr 1, 2013 4:30pm PDT
take that out of, you know, hurry presentation etc., we won't go to the meeting. that's the back story. you can call the da we're not in a fight with him and we certainly think that both offices do something that's important. we truly have a good relationship with him. >> just a followup on some of the conversation we've had and the rejection that was made. i don't think it's quite as clear-cut but as something similar before we had not an exact discussion it was actually on top of the rejection from the request from the public defender that issue was in the mayor's office. we didn't have that before us so it wasn't a clear up to the time rejection that's being referred to. it's pretty significant that the controller and i've talked to the controller it's very significant when it comes from the controllers off. also, we had a fremgs the budget native as well that we put money forward that the existing staff where their salaries can be made wool. it's a prebudget districts we make all the time. and to me the fact that we have those salaries built in within the public defender's office
Apr 9, 2013 2:30am PDT
, etc. i would also want to acknowledge the hospital team, mike, warn browner. ceo of cpmc, [ applause ] george, i want to say is it w u. and john gates creative cfo who works at the hospital and the chairman of the board mr. bob -- [ applause ] . throughout this process, i had the luxury of a number of people helping and counseling me and encouraging me, but i would like to particularly thank bishop mark andrews who has been a tremendous supporter of saint lukes. and last but not least, i want to thank the san francisco coalition. we, as part of our process had meetings with the coalition in my office, their executive committee that varied from 10-13 in size from meeting to meeting and also their liaison mr. mark kumar who kept everyone a price apprised of what we were doing. i know that san francisco is still a city that knows how and wants the city to work and cares about each other. congratulations to san francisco. i want to introduce our fine mayor ed lee. [ applause ] . >> thank you. i yelled out wife and family to make sure that there was a way in which to acknowledge the trem
Apr 9, 2013 11:00am PDT
with that and with sf park and etc vment there is a planning dimension and design engineering dimension to the contract. the contract is funded by a grant that we run from mtc, metropolitan transportation commission. it's very highly rated, this project was very highly rated in the program so planning will be fully funded by that as well as a match from tita. it's about 18 months duration of the planning study, a total contract value is $300,000 and we are meeting actually exceeding the db equals for this contract for this team. i'm happy to answer any questions. the competitive process we did receive 4 bids and interviewed 3 and recommended the strongest. thank you. thank you. any members of the public that would like to speak on this item? please come up. >> i'm sorry, i just wanted to quickly acknowledge that we have jim from pb here if you have any questions for pb. >> good morning, commissioners, my name is jackie sacs, i'm from the citizens advisory committee and i have also been on the advisory committee for the doil drive project. this firm and very familiar with this firm because they are th
Apr 8, 2013 12:00am EDT
it frontier economies. mongolia, etc. they are actually quite strong. they have got hard-working people and are increasingly well-educated. typically pretty strong leadership. there are more. i think it will be good. >> i will wrap this up so we had time to reset for the next panel. let's give him a round of applause. [applause] we will hear more from michael o'neill in the next panel. this is just a warm-up act. give us a few minutes and we will start the competitiveness panel. we have got a full day. we would have you plenty occupied. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] >> also a discussion on u.s. competitiveness in the global market. it includes michael o'neill and ursula burns. this is an hour. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our first panel to remain competitive in global markets. we have ursula burns, michael o'neill, and general james jones. >> good morning. my name is steve pearlstein. i'm a colonist at the washington post. i'm also a professor at george mason university. that is where i spend
Apr 11, 2013 9:00pm PDT
academy etc. i'd like to read the award for sidney and is she in the room? it was printed to the entire committee. the command off the coast graduate of the united states gives this to the maritime subcommittee members for their sustained support of the united states maritime security from july 2010 to april 20, 2013. they took a great part in the 2012 america cup and the fleet week apparently the committees efforts not only advanced the safety and security of the marine transportation system but improved the transportation between the government agencies and ultimately harden northern california against acts of terrorism. we're in keeping with the highest traditions of the united states coast graduate it's a high honor to be bestoed on us. i want to recognize this lady as a wonderful partner in this. that concludes my report >> thank you. >> no, it didn't i forgot. two other things to mention. so if you haven't seep this great paper called bay crossings. it's a mostly periodical that's handed out in many places especially to infcommutes. so on behalf of us thank you very much for an
Apr 14, 2013 1:25pm EDT
stuff, you know, to quote the biggest scandal of the time and etc. what we did has been codified into a legal situation today. if i am a lobbyist, i can have a fundraiser. as we have the fundraiser, i can take you hunting, i can take you to vegas, faster they had a fundraiser and either side of the aisle can do this. i thought john mccain on finance campaign reform twice. he made loopholes and this and that. at the end of the day, he had a situation today where a super pac comes along. the average member, they take their staffer and go across the street. they get on the telephone. and they do that. they are victims of this system. many members of congress find it delightful to raise this money. a lot of good men. but that comes to the conclusions that jack and i -- we didn't change anything. it did not change things. i put that conclusion there. to paraphrase it, i had a substance addiction. today there is another addiction and it is campaign contributions and they need a public intervention on that. to help make this even better. i addressed a lot of issues and i think that it i
Apr 22, 2013 3:00pm PDT
. some of the things are mechanic and electrical projects and it's adena for that one. etc. when you have no addendum and vague descriptions you're going to disagreeing have 0 problem. maybe they need to be tweaked because sometimes in the end their 0 full permits and i want a definition. believe and planning have different dings and permit are set out, too early. the permit was withdrawn in 2011 it was filed 40 in 2008 if we filled the first permit in 2008 it would be too early. >> actually before we get the next speaker let me call the final batch of speakers. >> (calling names) those are the calls i called - cards i called. >> hello, i'm robert woods i'm the chairman of the black human rights leadership of san francisco. we have a different type of problem in our community. our problem is we talking about a lot of things that you do that in terms of notification is done by commuter and we're looking in our community we don't have a lot of commuters, a commuter is a luxury. we when you start talking about letting the community know and you put it on community you have not done a dar
Apr 23, 2013 8:00pm PDT
of their classroom technology base platforms etc. i don't know if that's your job but it's our job to take the next step and talk about that. we hope it's going to get better but we haven't talked about the index - next step >> actually at any daughters school it's great. i have to say that one child 6 out of 6 teachers are using that. when i send a message to staff i hear back within 24 hours. it's a great tool everyday i get a message, huh? the social studies grade went down. it's much more efficient way of communicating with teachers. their teachers about dash off a quick e-mail so and so said please don't let her wear that shirt anymore it's two revealing. exactly. all pieces of information and she's going to kill me. >> i can't top that president but i will say thank you to the commissioners. the desire of the commissioners to move to making this a great system. it's developing more and more use. i can tell you as my other hat and i know that this name is a common name that i'm checking. as a parents i have no concerns about - the great fear in my experience is not teachers wanting to use s
Apr 23, 2013 6:30pm PDT
to know if we can get a listings of the agencies and how much money they're getting etc. we've got a exhaust number of contracts and i'm fine with them but you see the same agrees it's a hard to keep track of them all. i know this isn't exact but this avoids not voting >> any other items that board members wish to severe for discussion? roll call will take place under section o. now colleagues i would like to move up item q for the superintendents reading for first reading. we have a presentation coming up but first, this is the establishment it's 124 - establishments of a higher level can i hear a motion? second >> thank you. i'm going to refer it after ms. wilson i refer it last; right? that you i'd like to call on members of your offer site committee on this item. just press the button and introduce yourselves. >> jim, combrag. i'm jim i'm the chair the citizens bond oversight committee it was created to propose 59 and its duties includes the spending of the body revenues to make sure their extended only as described. the committee is charged with mooment be bond revenue see
FOX Business
Apr 1, 2013 9:20am EDT
industry, no more happy cows because of regulation, high taxes, high cost, etc., etc. that is one specific example why the policies in california do not work. stuart: still a very high rate of unemployment in california. liz: it is worse than rhode island and nevada. stuart: you can say governor brown has brought it back. brought the state finances back to the block. so he says. cheryl: the problem is he is so misleading in what he obits. california state spending cuts have helped bring the budget back into fiscal balance even though a lot of tax hikes do. even the "l.a. times" has said california taxpayers owe wall street more than any other state per resident. and there is more spending on government worker benefits than all the other state programs combined. cheryl: i'm wonderful what they say about governor brown's policies in the education system in california. with students leaving. stuart: has it stopped in california? is there at least a modest turnaround? liz: no. cheryl: i would say there make efforts to get spending under control, but they are targeting the wrong areas in the bu
Apr 1, 2013 5:00pm EDT
public at the general assembly of 2,009. a that was a big shock for iraq their peaceful etc., etc.. was discovered it hadn't been declared. that led to some of his friends frustrated with that discovery. the second thing is for the first time obama was already in power for the first time the united states allowed the american to be detained and we had arranged to have been a bilateral talks in the meeting in geneva and it was a very good and we agreed on something very important. at that time they were running at 20% to put it into the reactor which is to create. they had in the country that was put in the uranium to the reactor to produce isotopes. that was a difficult moment for them and we accepted to get out the country. there were two elements that were leading to the facilitation and the relationship. within an agreement that wasn't going to contradict each other. it happened two days after the big battle inside tehran and the supreme leader. with that i can maintain some talks and it's not the best friend as you can imagine. he is now running for president as an portent fig
Apr 13, 2013 11:00pm EDT
own people for engaging in plunder contrary to his destruction taking food and property, etc., etc.. not only where he was authorized by the continental congress to take the property and did not but in deference to what he considered what the law of war should be general washington plays his hand. that is very remarkable and the first remarkable thing about this account which i think helps us to understand the regional meeting of the commander in chief clause innocence going forward. the second point* is if your the commander in chief washington provides the first followed by subsequent examples of the inherent dynamism that comes with being the commander in chief. in other words, he could have directives from the continental congress were in agreement from the part of washington, but the conditions of the battlefield and strategy in the ongoing evolution met that george washington had improvised quite a lot so even that basal agent was a highly dynamic interpreter of the discretion as well as the restriction from the continental congress sometimes he would refuse to exercise disc
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 358 (some duplicates have been removed)